17 Apr

How do you use Alexa? Do you activate skills from your phone, smart watch or computer? Do you have "her" turn on/off your lights, lock your door, report the weather and keep your calendar updated? 

Next time you have Alexa's attention, try using the "Finding Homes" skill. Simply say "Alexa", "Start", "Finding Homes" and let your search begin. 

Even more amazing. If you know someone that is visually impaired, you know how critical audio devices can be for assisting with daily activities. Now, with this groundbreaking Alex skill, searching for a home can be voice activated. Search by city, zip code or request a specific address to learn more about all of the home's details. Ask questions like "what type of flooring does this home have?" or "what county is this home in?" 

I can only imagine all of the uses for our busy life styles like searching for a house while cooking dinner, working out or changing the oil on your car. As a matter of fact, this is the perfect way for me to get updated on a home when I am running short on time. It will be like having a personal assistant. Good thing "she" doesn't charge by the hour!

Searching for property in Georgia?