27 Sep

"I will buy your home FAST, for CASH" does that sound good? 

If you said yes, rest assured, you are not alone. Cash buyers, investors, iBuyers and landlords are looking for YOU because you have what they need (a property to sell) and you are looking for them, because they have what you need (cash). 

That sounds like a win-win to me! But wait...

If you think having an agent involved will slow down the process, I think having an agent involved is a great way to maximize your winning situation and protect your assets. As your agent I do one thing, represent your best interest in the deal. 

Tell me more about your property!

Pretty cool right?

Do you want to avoid all of the showings? Maybe house cleaning is not possible right now. Maybe you are a private person and you do not want a "For Sale" sign in your yard. Maybe you are unable to make repairs to your home. Many factors make a quick, cash sale offer appealing.

I have great news.

If you work with me, you do NOT need to have showings and I do NOT have to put a sign in your yard. As your "investor friendly" real estate agent, I can connect you with cash buyers that are often able to help many of my sellers out of bad situations with their cash and quick sales. 

What about iBuyers? 

The iBuyer websites often make you a sight unseen offer on your home, and at one time as the market climbed upward, you could get a good deal. Now they are basing it on stats that the market is going downward. Their offer may be completely unfair to you, but how would you know? If you allow me to evaluate your home and your surrounding area, I will still be happy to work with all of the iBuyers, so you are not missing out on their offers, but I will also search to find you a buyer from my network that may pay you more. My goal is to help you accomplish your home selling needs, turn over every rock, represent you from start to finish and protect your best interest. 

Now that truly is a win-win and yet you come out way ahead!

Click on this link so we can get your home sold FAST!

Your terms, no matter what condition your home is in. Let's talk.