02 May

SRES® - Senior Real Estate Specialist®

Why am I a designated SRES® agent? Because I know and care about the importance of caring for our aging population. Understanding the sensitive topics involved with transitioning, aging in place and comfort and safety are critical for making our loved one's feel listened to and respected. This designation provides me with the knowledge and tools to help my older clients, and their families, navigate the buying and selling process which can be riddled with tough decisions as well as conflicting family opinions.

Is it time to have those difficult conversations with mom or dad about implementing safety when cooking, driving and stairs? Is it time for a recently widowed parent to downsize and face the emotional decluttering of memories? Has a recent fall or medical issue forced upon you the task of keeping mom, dad or grandparents safe? These choices often include deciding whether it is time to move a parent(s) into your home, a ranch style home, 55+ community or into a care facility. You may require upsizing to a home that has minimal to no barriers for their safety, as well as space for multi-generational comfort if you decide to move them in with you.  

You may be interested to know that I too have experienced these tough life choices. From 2017-2021 my husband and I took on full-time, in-home care for both of his parents, only one month after we got married. Talk about learn as you go and full speed ahead! Looking back on those years, it was crazy. We sold a home, bought a home, had a wedding, moved ourselves and then them, into the new home in only 2 months' time. It goes without saying, I am highly empathetic toward the adult children who face these tough, life decisions. We survived and you will as well. I am happy to speak with you about your own personal journey and I am here for your home buying and selling goals for the safety and well-being of your elderly loved one(s).

I am here to help!

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Senior Real Estate Specialist- Dawn Brinkman