08 Aug

If you recognize these letters STR and ROI as "short-term rental" and "return on investment" you have already won a sweet spot in my heart! Why? because...

... I love the fact that anyone can become a host providing fun, comfortable and safe accommodations for travelers.

But wait, that isn't quite true, is it? If you have considered owning a short-term rental property then you know that the local zoning is the controlling factor as to whether or not YOU can be in business in their town, city or county. So before you start picking out a house, it is critical that you do your homework and partner with a real estate agent that is investor friendly.

As an agent in North Georgia, I have dreamed of owning a portfolio of properties and I have watched the most perfect homes sit on the market far too long, only to drop in price, simply because the zoning in that area does not allow short-term rental businesses to exist. Such a shame! I am sure municipalities in North Georgia will continue to evaluate and possibly revise their ordinances regarding short-term rentals as time goes on, so your most important job as a business owner is to know what you are working with and which areas support your small business success. 

My clients have access to resources and personnel so we can all work together to make sure your new business will last a very long time! Not only that, I have some other tricks up my sleeve to assist you with amazing Instagramable deigns, brilliant photos for your promotions, cleaning crews and handyman connections to help throughout your STR company's growth.

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