19 Aug

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What do you think about the tiny home craze? For me it is catching my attention and very intriguing. I have watched the prices of homes multiply and interest rates climb and with each move of the needle, my heart sinks because I know more clients will not be able to buy a home that they desperately need. Is BOXABL giving us a possible solution with boxes that can be stacked or pieced together? 

I want to know everything I can. What options are available for low income, fixed income and credit challenged people in my state of Georgia. I began researching tiny homes and other alternative options to site built homes. As the manufacturing processes and size options grow more extensive each day it seems like a possible alternative, but what about zoning? Where could someone place a small, manufactured or modular structure? That is not necessarily an easy road to navigate, depending on where you live. Do your homework, make sure you reach out to your local planning offices and begin navigating through the zoning restrictions for your area. You will be glad you did your homework ahead of time!